The Flamingo Mafia Family is a collection of 10,101 unique NFT collectible Flamingos living on the ERC-721 Polygon blockchain. Each Flamingo was generated from over 140 different traits, including hats, hair, expressions, tattoos, clothes & more. All Flamingos are unique, with some being rarer than the rest.

Why is it worth being part of the Flamingo Mafia Family?

1. Every Flamingo holder will receive a free Flamingo Punk. 1 FMF = 1 FP.

2. 100 Random flamingo holders get 25% of the secondary sales fees collected on OpenSea.

3. Egg airdrops for the Flamingo Mafia Family community.

4. Holding Flamingos grants you 100% creative and commercial rights.

5. Flamingos are built on the Polygon Network so gas fees are incredibly small!

6. Rich, long-term Roadmap.

Flamingo Mafia Family is built on Matic Polygon Network!

To mint it, please change Metamask network to polygon (137) - (https://polygon-rpc.com/).

Is recommend to use the Chrome / Brave browser on Your pc.

Click here to check how to do this

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Punks not dead

Every Flamingo NFT Holder will get a free Flamingo Punk NFT airdrop . 1 FMF = 1 FP

First job

Start first PlayToEarn game where Flamingo Holders can get profit by staking.

First shot

The collection will be added to Rarity.tools.

People talking

Invest 5 ETH into dedicated marketing to increase The Flamingo Mafia Family fame.

Population boom

Exclusive 777 eggs drop for all Flamingos (Every boss gets one egg, the rest will be distributed randomly to other Flamingos).


7,77 Eth will be delivered to one lucky Flamingo Boss.

Opponents are coming

Dropped eggs are going to be revealed!


Soldiers - 7777

Special Flamingos dedicated to "solving" problems.

They spend their free time in jail or helping their superiors.

They love drugs, money & guns.

Always carrying.

Caporegimes - 1813

Good looking, captains of flamingo soldiers.

Love the best suits & bags of cash.

If possible, they have more than one gun.

On vacations, they like to rest on the beach.

Consiglieres - 400

The most trust boss flamingos.

Their hallmark is floral shirts.

Don't take part in robberies.

Loves cash collected from their caporegimes.

Bosses - 111

The Flamingos on top.

They live in Villas.

Floral suits are their passion.

If you're lucky, equipped with laser eyes.


How many NFTs will The Flamingo Mafia include?

The collection will include 10101 unique Flamingos. The collection was built from over 140 different traits. A detailed list is available on the website in section - traits.

What is the hierarchy system?

The hierarchy system is a unique Flamingo Mafia Family feature. There are 4 Flamingo groups with a limited count - Soldiers (7777), Caporegimes (1813), Consiglieres (400) & Bosses (111). Every group has their special customized traits & special benefits mentioned in the roadmap.

Why was the Flamingo Mafia Family built on the Polygon Network?

Polygon network is fast & cheap blockchain technology. Every transaction related to Flamingo transporting is very cheap. It is also supported by OpenSea market, the biggest NFT marketplace.

Where can I buy Flamingos?

In the minting phase, every Flamingo NFT can be minted on this website by interacting with the Polygon network contract. Every Flamingo is going to be revealed from an egg. Every holder can reveal their own egg by interacting with the contract on this page. After the Minting phase, Flamingo Mafia Family will be available in the OpenSea portal.

What is the reveal feature & how to use it?

Every Flamingo is hiding in an egg. The holder can reveal this egg and see exactly what Flamingo type they got! To do this, he must go to the Reveal section which is only visible for Flamingo Mafia Family holders. After the reveal, the holder should refresh Flamingo metadata on the OpenSea portal.

Where can I find more Flamingos, to see how they look?

NFT pictures are regularly published on our Twitter :-)

Who is The Flamingo Mafia Family Team?

The Flamingo Mafia Family was created only by one person - DonFlamingo. He is an artist, developer, marketer & NFT aficionado who wants to change his life by building the best community on the Polygon chain :-).

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